100B: Update # 5

Here is an update of a challenge that I am calling the “The Awesome A-to-Zed 100 Baby Challenge Super Male Edition 2000”

Lilly’s uncle, Mike Brady, rented to her a nice house in a swanky neighborhood in Oasis Springs.

Lilly is learning new skills, but she needs help

…and Romeo is trying to be a dad…

…But he has other things on his mind.

Romeo decides to stay in the house when he sees that the house has a piano…

…and now he wants to be a professional singer.

Another reason why he stays with Lilly is that he cannot say no to Lilly. She has some kind of power over him and he wishes that he had that same power.

However, Romeo does convince Lilly that Anna K. should move in with them. He does not tell Lilly that he is the father of Anna’s baby.

Anna K. has her baby, a girl named Tango.

Lilly and Anna are getting along, and they hire a maid. So far, they have yet to warn the maid about Romeo. They were merely curious to see if he was attracted to her. Apparently, she is not his type.

Sophia has her 5th and 6th babies by Romeo and her husband, Tams Clemen, is still clueless as to what is going on. The baby boys have been named Uriah and Victor. Now the A-to-Zed naming convention has officially gone off the rails.

Romeo seems to be bedding every woman that he meets. He called the ASPCA and offered to adopt a dog. The woman who brought the dog started flirting with Romeo from the moment they both said hello.

One thing leads to another and soon Aradhya was carrying Romeo’s child. When he did see her again, she told him that their son was named Fahran Meshram. She told him that she had to give him that name in order “to hide the shameful thing” that she did.

Romeo is dating Juliet’s mother. Cordelia has divorced her husband and has moved into a smaller house on the island. Romeo does not know that in addition to him, that she is dating another man; an older more sophisticated gentleman.

However, Romeo has moved in with Cordelia on the heavily wooded Windenberg Island and now Cordelia wants to find a way to get him to leave without hurting his feelings.

One day, in a fit of passion, Cordelia reveals to Romeo that she has a secret identity and that she is none other than Black Canary, the mysterious detective and Ju-jitsu expert of comic book legend.

She further reveals that Romeo’s wife, Lilly is none other than Hawkgirl, an alien from the planet Thanagar. Together Cordelia and Lilly are in a club they have named “Super Hero Girlz”.

Taken aback by Cordelia’s revelation, Romeo says nothing but he does make a mental note to ask his wife about the alien thing the next time he sees her. Then changing the subject Romeo asks Cordelia if she can wear the “costume” the next time they woohoo.

Current Stats:
# Children: 27
# Women Currently Pregnant: ?

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