100B: It has been a slow (news) week…

When Romeo first started his second career as that of a professional singer…

…he did not quit his day job as a junior politician. As result, his baby production quota was severely off.

The Lilly Brady household was maxed out with her and Anna’s babies, …

…so, Romeo started looking around the neighborhood and that is when he discovered the high school girl next door.

One problem was that at sixteen, Luna Adams was a minor. Romeo made a mental note to check back in eight sim days and that is when she would be of age.

This is when Romeo began to realize that there were only a finite number of women in all the seven worlds and when Romeo tried to seduce his co-worker, Terri Mumbach…

…he got no further than first base.

That is when he started going back through his little black book and that is when Michaela, the waitress became pregnant again.

Even though Terri had rebuffed him, she allowed Romeo and Michaela to crash at her pad. She and Michaela have been friends from way back and the two of them like to party.

They loved to blow bubbles, but bubble flavors cost money.

For a while the source of that money was Terri’s landlord and Romeo’s boss, a former cop turned politician by the name of Dobbs James Dobbs.

Dobbs owned the house that Terri rented, and he would stop by every so often to party with the girls.

Dobbs really could not say anything about Romeo living with “the girls” because he had a reputation to be concerned about.

So, Dobbs said nothing.

But secretly, he considered Romeo to be a threat.

Michaela had a baby girl and named her Ursula.

Dobbs continued to look after his other constituents…

…and to party with Romeo and “the girls”.

One night, Dobbs treated everyone to burgers at the Good Burgers over in Willow Creek.

Everything seemed to be going okay…

…that is until Dobbs suggested that the four of them have a foursome. The other three replied, almost in unison: “That ain’t gonna happen!”

Current Stats:
# Children: 28
# Women Currently Pregnant: ?


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