Clubs for RPRLC in TS4

The Eight Families & their Rival Clubs

The Hoodies The Hills
Clemens LeFey
Stoney Poindexter
Gentille Ringwald
Goombah Viernes

There are two rival Clubs: the Hills and the Hoodies. The Hills are the old rich of Willow Creek. The families live in different neighborhoods in the town. Four of the families formed the invitation only club to protect the common interests of the families. Only the parents of the families are members of the club because by law only eight people may form a club.

The Hoodies club formed by four nouveau rich families in opposition to the Hills club. They think the Hills are a bunch of stuck-up snobs.

The idea for the club names comes from Romeo & Juliet. In Shakespeare’s play, there were the two rival families: the Montagues (Hills) and Capulets (Hoodies).

Originally, the Hills just banned being romantic or being friendly with anyone else, but when the Hoodies came along they changed their rules to be specifically mean and mischievous to the Hoodies.

They wish to pass on their exclusions to their children. Good luck with that. Therefore, it becomes the player’s job to try to prevent Hills and Hoodies offspring from hooking up with each other.

Encouraged Activities


Activity 1


Activity 2


Activity 3


Activity 4

The Hills Play Don’t Wake The Llama Be Friendly Be mean to Hoodies Be mischievous to Hoodies
The Hoodies Play Cards Be Funny Be mean to Hills Be mischievous to Hills

Banned Activities

1 2 3 4
The Hills Be romantic with anyone not in the cub Be friendly with anyone not in the cub Be Funny Tell Jokes
The Hoodies Be romantic with the Hills Be friendly with the Hills


  • The Hills – Anton LeFey
  • The Hoodies – Mark Clemens


  • The Hills hangout at The Blue Velvet nightclub in Willow Creek
  • The Hoodies hangout at some dive bar in Newcrest