Households for RPRLC in TS4

I have created these households for playing a Rotational Play Reverse Legacy Challenge in TS4. Any resemblance to characters in the hit series “The History of Twin Bayous” is purely coincidental.

Jose & Victoria Viernes
Jose is a police detective and Victoria is training to a be an astronaut. She hopes to later someday get into politics. (If there were such a thing)

Mark & Julia Clemens
Mark has the writer career and Julia will soon own a restaurant.

Gregg & Vicki Gentille
Gregg owns a retail business and Vicki is stay at home mom who occasionally helps out at the shop.

Knut & Peggy Sue Stoney
Knut is a pro-athlete and Peggy is in the entertainment business.

Victor & Maria Goombah
Victor is a criminal and Maria works in culinary.

Arnold & Penny Poindexter
Arnold is a secret agent and Penny works in the medical career.

John & Celia Ringwald
John is in tech support and Celia has a business career.

Anton & Morgan LeFey
Anton is a scientist and Morgan is a painter. Morgan is a wannabe witch, but everyone knows there is no such thing as witches (at least for now there isn’t).