How to Backup TS3 Gameplay Data

Before I make any radical changes to my The Sims 3 gameplay data, I will always want to do a backup. What I am referring to as “gameplay data” are all of the files and folders located in my “\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3” folder.

The place where I keep backups of the Sims 3 files, I call the “target” and the place where gameplay data is stored I call the source.

I use a batch file.

The batch file does three things.

I first deletes all of the graphics files stored in the FeaturedItems folder. I do not want these files taking up space in the back-up. There of no value other than for EA to try and upsell more stuff.

Next the batch file uses robocopy to copy files from the source to the target using the /MIR option. MIR or mirror creates a mirror copy and while add, update or remove files from the existing back-up depending on the status of each file in the manifest. The folder paths shown above are specific to my implementation so be sure to use the correct paths for your environment.