Realistic Aging Mod for TS4

In Sims 3 we were allowed to customize the lifespans for our Sims by either using the game options UI or editing the options.ini file.

In Sims 4 we cannot easily modified the 3 lifespan settings: Short, Normal, and Long. In fact, it is not even easy to find out what the age settings details are.

I found out what these fixed lifespan settings are at Carl’s The Sims 3 Guide then later found them by digging around in the XML gotten using Scumbumbo’s XML Extractor for The Sims 4. The settings are located in sims.aging.aging_tuning

Setting Baby Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder
Long 3 52 52 80 80 Vary by Sim
Normal 3 13 13 20 20 Vary by Sim
Short 3 7 7 10 10 Vary by Sim

As I have read on a number of forums, many players do not like these lifespan settings and because of that will either play with aging off or they will manually age-up all the Sims.

To me these numbers do not make any sense. When playing TS3, I prefer a 300+ sim day lifespan in which 4 sim days = 1 year. Sometimes I play a shorter version of this in which 2 sim days = 1 year and the lifespan is 150+ sim days. The plus sign (+) represents the fact that Sim elders do not die immediately on the last day of the lifespan. In both cases, the lifespans represent 75+ real-time years. For a discussion of why I prefer a 300+ sim day lifespan based on the length of Sim’s pregnancy duration, see this page.

After some research, I discovered that I could easily create a TS4 mod that allowed me to play with the lifespan settings that I was accustomed to.

My realistic aging mod can be downloaded from this site following the link below.

To install the mod, un-zip the archive file and copy the mod package file to your TS4 mods folder. (For more detailed instructions, see this page at MTS).

There is no configuration required.

With the mod installed, the lifespans will be as follows:

Setting Baby Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder Total
Long 16 160 160 304 400 160 1200
Normal 4 40 40 76 100 40 300
Short 2 20 20 38 50 20 150

I realize that the long lifespan is very long, but I left it at the default of 4x the normal lifespan. In a future version of this mod, I might change long lifespan.

The package file is currently named:

Version 160526 of this mod works with The Sims 4 PC Version PC Version (06/02/2016) and earlier.