Notes for RPRLC in TS4

Here is an idea for a Legacy Challenge that I call RPRLC (Rotational Play, Reverse Legacy Challenge) as it is played in The Sims 4. See the main page on this site, where I describe the details of this legacy challenge. Below I add some additional notes that are specific to the Sims 4.

  1. Clean your world. Do not start a new world; clean your existing world. First, “Save As…” your world under a new name. Then evict everyone: Do this by clicking the evict button in the lower right controls of the map view. Finally delete all of the households that you find listed in the Household Management. This way you keep using all of the edits and changes that you may have made to lots the worlds.
  2. Control the Population. In the game options, set “Fill Empty Lots” to false and if you are using the MC Command Center mod  be sure to set Population_OpenHouses to 100. This will prevent other household from moving into any of the worlds.
  3. A word about Aging: I do not like the standard aging settings in TS4. IMHO, the normal settings are too short and the long settings are too long. I prefer the custom age settings that I have used in TS3. I describe the 300-sim days lifespan setting on this page. In TS4, we are not allowed to create custom lifespans. In fact it is not easily known what exactly the lifespans durations are in TS4. Here is a page that tells what those numbers are. Since I prefer what I consider to be realistic settings, I have created a TS4 mod that overrides the standard durations (read all about it here).
  4. Create your households. Create eight households each containing a married couple.
  5. Place those households in your world. At first I was going to place two households in each of the four worlds, but then I decided to move everyone closer together. In Willow Creek, I placed four households in one neighborhood and four in another. I divided the households in upper class and working class. I placed the four working class households in the Courtyard Lane neighborhood and the four upper class households in the Pendula View neighborhood (You will need to place a house at the “Hallow Slough” lot.
  6. Some people are rich and some are poor. Use a money cheat to make the upper class households wealthy and the working class households, not so wealthy.
  7. Establish a rotation order and write it down. In the beginning, you need to switch from household to household in less than a day in order to establish their career and start a family. Once they have their careers and aspirations established, we then begin rotation between the eight households on a scheduled of no less than 2-days and no more than 4-days. You must play each household in the same order for no less than 2 days at a time and you cannot stay with them for more than 4 days. The only exception to this rule is that you may switch to another household when a household member has gone into labor.
  8. When establishing careers, give everyone a different career and only one household member may belong to a Get To Work career, a retail business, or own a Dine Out restaurant. In other words, if Jose is a police detective, then Victoria cannot be doctor, or a scientist. Also, you may notice that I put the stay-at-home mom in the same household with the guy who owns the retail business so that both can run the shop.
  9. Create two clubs initially, the Hills and the Hoodies (read about the clubs here). Part of the legacy game play involves keeping the Hills and the Hoodies apart.