THOTB: Introduction

The History of Twin Bayous or THOTB for short, is story written in the style of a long running and continuous comic strip or soap opera and just like any long running comic or soap opera, one may feel completely lost reading a random episode out of context so it is difficult to suggest where to start other the beginning (Season 0 Episode 1).

THOTB takes place within the context of the “The Sims” video games series and involves characters that I created and gave back stories to. These character reside in towns that either shipped with the game or that were created by me or others.

This page provides a character guide up to generation 5 (generation 6 will be introduced in an upcoming episode in season nine).

As of season 9, approximately 90 years have elapsed since the story began in the 1890’s and like a television series it is divided into seasons and episodes. The first 60 years of the story takes place in the first four seasons.

Season five might be a good place to start. It involves an outsider who is new to the town. I caution that this character does bear some resemblance to me, but I would not read too much into that.

Season seven is different than all other seasons because all of the episode are done like “Let’s Play Videos”. In hindsight, I think that the videos are longer than they should be, but I had fun editing the videos and that is all that really matters are far as I am concerned. For season seven, one could get away with only watching the first and last episodes and not miss any plot details (once again I apologize for episode two being way too long).


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