S0: Introduction

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Here is what I am planning to do:

I am starting a brand new story in TS3. It is a sort of a reboot of Story 8 that I am calling Story 0 (zero). I titled it such because it would be Story 10, but I did not want to get into double digits. So starting with part one the posts will be labeled S0P1, S0P2, etc.

The starting focus (founder, if you will) will once again be on Mike Dutranoit, son of Dave and Patty Dutranoit. They will start in the same house as they did in Story 8.

I will be playing in my custom town of Twin Bayous and I will be adding the seven or so core families as I have done before. Some of the households will be exactly the same as they were in Story 8 and some will be a slight variation of their former selves.

Something that I am planning on doing differently is using the Random Legacy Challenge as a guide. I say “as a guide”, because I really do not like the idea of applying somewhat arbitrary rules to The Sims. To me the beauty of the Sims is that it is not a game and as such it really has no rules. So the idea of applying rules to TS3 does not appeal to me at all.

However I do like the idea of randomness and I will be using the RANDOM LEGACY CHALLENGE ROLLER to generate a “destiny” for each generation.

I have set a goal to get to at least seven generations. I chose lucky 7 because I have I do not believe that I have ever gotten past the 4th generation. Also, 10 generations just seems like too much. Seven, I think I can handle.

I plan on not using the normal 90 day lifespan, but instead I will be using a 150 day lifespan. I think the 90 day lifespan is too short and the 300 day lifespan I used in Story 8 was way too long. The 150 day lifespan equates to 2 sim days = 1 year.

Real-Time Years Age Starts Age Up Yr. Sim Days
Baby 1 0 1 2
Toddler 3 1 4 6
Child 7 4 11 14
Teen 10 11 21 20
Young Adult 19 21 40 38
Adult 25 40 65 50
Elder 10 65 75 20
75 150

I have rolled for the first generation, but I will not be publishing the results now. That will all come out in the narrative. What I plan to do after each founder and heir passes on is to publish a page for each individual and on this page I will publish the roll results.

I have drafted so far 14 episodes and I hope to start publishing soon. I want make sure that I start the story going in the right direction as opposed to the way I started Story 8. In Story 8 I felt as if I started the story by just throwing stuff at the wall to see what would stick. Now I am looking at not recording every little thing, but rather focusing on the big picture and keeping the narrative on track.


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