Story 8: Introduction

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Why “Story 8”?

For a long time now I have been fascinated with playing the The Sims 3 and at the same time using the game as a device for storytelling.  At first I was just telling a story in my head as I played the game. The first few games that I played, I took no notes whatsoever and as I result I found that over the course of time I would get completely lost – not knowing who any of the characters were or what their history was.

This story is called “Story 8” because it is the eighth time I have documented a TS3 game in the course of the two+ years that I have been playing Sims 3.

The first game that I documented (Story 1) lasted about 18 sim weeks and was played over the course of two months. After a while I realized that I was not taking any snapshots to go along with the story. Without pictures to go along with the narrative there wasn’t much to it.

Story 2 spanned about 29 sim weeks and was played for six months. This time I did take some snapshots, but very few. Story 3 was a false start and I only played that game for about a week or two before I gave up and started a new game.

I played Story 4 for about 3 months, but I abandoned it when I decided that the lifespans I had set-up for the game were too short. I had bounced back and forth between a 140 sim day lifespan and a 190 sim day. Then finally rethought the whole thing a came up with a 300 sim day lifespan.

In Story 5, I started using a 300 sim-day lifespan. I played this game for six months and it spanned about 45 sim weeks. For this story, I made a lot of notes and took a lot of snapshots. I have thought about publishing this one here on the blog, but since I did not do any editing as I went along, it may be more work than I have time for.

Stories 6 and 7 were false starts and like Story 3 I trashed those games after only a few days.

With Story 8 I got the idea of starting this blog as means of keeping the story on track. Putting it into a blog was a way of forcing me to attempt to construct a actual plot to the story. Story 8 is played in a custom world that I created with Create-A-World (CAW). I call the world Twin Bayous.

Getting Started…

Whenever I start a new game I always like to begin with an unpopulated town and then I add what I like to call my core families. These households represent the older more established families of the town. There are half a dozen or so families. In the beginning each family has the two parents and four to six children. All of the children in each of the families were created using the “Play with Genetics” option in Create-A-Sim (CAS).

Then I add a few more families. In Story 8, I decided not to over-populate the town to start with (the mistake I made in Stories 3 & 7). Then I let story progression do its thing of periodically adding new households. Here I am referring to the NRAAS Story Progression described in this FAQ.

Here are my notes on populating a Sims 3 world.

I use the NRAAS Mods (Master Controller, Story Progression, Overwatch, etc.), but I try and keep the tweaking to a minimum and mainly use the those mods to keep an eye on the health and progress of the game. Where a mod plays a role in the Story, I plan to point that out.

The Passage of Time

This game behind this story is using a 300-sim day lifespan, so when years and ages are mentioned in the story it based the average lifespan of a Sim being 75 years and as 300/75=4 then 4 sims-days = 1 year. In other words, if I say the year is 1976 it is not 1976 AD (Anno Domini), rather it is 1976 AS (Anno Simulacra) – “in the year of the Sims”. In the case of Story 8, the story begins in the 1969 AS.

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3 thoughts on “Story 8: Introduction

  1. I can relate to all the false starts and playing the game with a story in mind but never actually putting it in paper. My Chronicles of Clarke blog was the first time I actually wrote a story down. 🙂 I’ll try to catch up with your story one of these days. 🙂

  2. This is very interesting! I always think of stories when I play Sims (That’s what I loved about The Sims 2 scrapbook thing) But I only posted one because I give up on them (and I’m hoping my followers will bug me to keep writing this one :-))

  3. sounds interesting 😀 I currently play the same way in my “main” town (the story featured on my blog). I love having control of the whole town 😀 so I took an empty Sunset Valley and I am slowly populating it with families, it’s the most fun way for me to play 🙂


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