Sims 3 Storytelling Tools & Cheats

Cheat Codes that I find to be useful in Storytelling

Cheats codes are commands typed in the Sims 3 console. The console is invoked by entering CTRL + SHIFT + C from the keyboard.

hideHeadlineEffects on/off Shows or hides talk/thought balloons above Sim heads. After entering the code, you may have to wait a few seconds for any currently displayed balloons to disappear.
moveobjects on/off This command is useful for moving or positioning a Sim.I will use this command in conjunction with the NRaas GoHere and NRaas Animator mods. I use GoHere to get the Sim in the general area I want them to be and Animator to put the Sim into an animation loop. Once they are stationary I then go into Build/Buy mod and move the Sim exactly where I want them to. If the Sim is facing the wrong way, I have found that it is easier to turn the Sim around using the < > keys instead of trying to rotate them using the mouse.Care should be taken when this command is turned on because objects (such as a Sim) can be deleted if one accidentally hits the delete key.

Tools (Mods) that I find useful in Storytelling

I am a big fan of the NRaas Sims 3 Mod Suite. These are the mods that I find useful when storytelling in The Sims 3.

Animator In find the “Loop Animation” feature to be very useful to give a Sim something to do when trying to set-up tricky snapshots. All objects in the game now have a “Look Here” interaction, available when the active sim is running a looping animation. By default animation interactions run with no delay and essentially forever. To help sync up interactions among multiple Sims, there are several interaction that can be used. When you are done just cancel the interaction.
GoHere This mod is useful for a getting a Sim to a specific place quickly.
MasterController This the Swiss Army knife of TS3 mods. I found a number of uses for this mod as an aide to storytelling. Everything from getting information about the Sims and the world they live to quickly changing outfits.

Here is tip from a post at “Carl and Pam’s The Sims 3 Forum” Posing Sims – Tips and Techniques (

World Adventures Camera Poses: If you have World Adventures, place a camera in one of your Sims’ inventories (buydebug is helpful here) and have them use the “Ask to Pose” interaction on the Sim you want to camera-pose. Once your target strikes a pose, you can use the further “Do This Pose” interaction to select your favourite option. I really like these poses because they give your Sims exactly the kind of goofy smiles you’d expect from photographs.




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