THOTBThe History of Twin Bayous – is partitioned into seasons. The table below lists the seasons and provides a link to a page with all of the episodes in that seasons

Season Years (AS) Episodes Notes
0 6 episodes Introduction to Twin Bayous & its neighborhoods
1 1890-1893 5 episodes Introduction to the eight core families of Twin Bayous
2 1893-1916 32 episodes Generation #2 comes of age
3 1920-1930 20 episodes Generation #3 comes of age. Most of the action takes place between 1924 and 1926
4 1940-1953 26 episodes Generation #4 comes of age. The first part takes place in the early 1940’s. Second half takes place in the late forties and early fifties.
5 1955-1968 26 episodes Generation #5 comes of age. In the first part we introduce an outsider named Mike Dutranoy who becomes a sort of mentor to  16 Sims who will become new core families of Twin Bayous.
6 1973-1978  26 episodes  In this season, generation 5 is still a work-in-progress and we start the beginnings of gen #6. A private detective by the name of Dobbs James Dobbs is introduced.
7 1979  26 episodes In this season, we try something different. Dobbs Jame Dobbs, the private eye introduced in season 6, has gone crazy after meeting the ghost of woman who was murdered 40 years earlier. Also, he has been cursed by the ghost of a witch. To lift the curse, he must the travel the world and undergo a number of trials and quests. Watch as he and the lovely Jamie Stoney search for hidden treasure in tombs and temples in China.
8 1980  26 episodes After leaving Jamie in France for her own safety, Dobbs returns to Twin Bayous to try and make amends with the people that he wronged. Getting caught in a trap set by one of the town’s folk, Dobbs finds himself in another dimension. A weird twist of fate, forces Dobbs to rethink the direction of his life. Also, this season we introduce the town of Moonshine Falls. The first half of the season takes place in the early months of 1980. The second half takes place in the late fall of the same year.
9 1992 26 episodes THOTB has been renewed for two more seasons. Production for season nine is expected to begin soon. All of the main actors have signed-up to return for this popular dramedy.