THOTB: Characters

Here are the characters of The History of Twin Bayous. To make it easier for all readers of the series (old and new), I have placed the characters who are currently active in season nine at the top of this page.

Generation Six

These are not all of generation six. These are only the children of the families that left Twin Bayous and followed Mihail LeFey to Moonshine Falls in season 8. Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs has been included in this list although he is not a descendant of the core families of Twin Bayous. Generation Five is listed at the very bottom of this page.

Lori Clemens Daughter of Albert & Karen Clemens and sister of Dmitri. She was turned into a fairy by her BFF, Moo Clemens.

Lori is class president and she thinks that she is the teacher’s pet, although Lady Wendy has no favorites.

Lori has taken turns narrating season nine along with Dobbs and Jamie.

Dmitri Clemens Lori’s brother Dmitri likes to dress-up in costumes. This is the result of a personality disorder. He is only a year older than his sister and he bears the distinction of being the first generation-six child born. He appears as an infant in the last episode of season 6.
Melody (Mel) Ringwald Melody is the daughter of Cory and Jaycee Ringwald.

She was abducted by aliens and shortly after that incident she became a plantsim.

Harmony Ringwald Harmony is the twin sister of Melody. She too has some sort of personality disorder that Lori has only vaguely described.
Joni Ringwald-Clemens Joni is the daughter of Thomas and Danielle Ringwald-Clemens.

Like her father and her brother, she is one of only a handful people who are descendants of all of the original founders of Twin Bayous.

Just like her mother, Danielle, Joni likes to break the rules.

Jack Ringwald-Clemens Jack Ringwald-Clemens is not so much a rule-breaker as he is a guy who will not take crap from anyone, especially not from Lori and her friends.

He used to like Lori Clemens, but not anymore.

Moon-Unit Clemens Moon-Unit, or Moo as she is known by her friends, is the daughter of Nicholas Stoney and Rebecca “Becky” Clemens. She, her brother, and her parents live together as a family, but her parents never married.

She comes from a long line of witches, following her mother Becky, her grandmother Sheena, her great-grandfather Romero, her great, great-grandmother Raquel, and her great, great, great-grandmother Morgan.

Moo was recently shocked to learn that her great, great, great grandfather on her father’s side had an affair with her great, great, great grandmother on her mother’s side. (see that story)

Dweezil Clemens Moo’s brother Dweezil has recently changed his hairstyle and the style of clothes that he wears. He has been studying the Grimoire every chance that he gets and he is probably, Lady Wendy’s most serious student.
Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs is the son of Wendy Dawson-Dobbs and Dobbs James Dobbs. He was conceived one month before his father died. He has only a vague recollection of his father as a ghost and he grew-up during his formative years without a father. He is very close to Jamie Stoney and thinks of her as an older sister.

Jimmy was introduced to woohoo by Lori Clemens and since that time he has taken a strong interest in girls. The girls seem to be very attracted to him, but Jimmy is very shy and quiet.

Inter-dimensional Travelers

In these stories, there are multiple universes and they are designated 1,2,3, and 4 with the numbers corresponding to the four Sims games. The main story takes place in Universe-3. The television show “The Bloodsucker Journals” takes place in Universe-4 and some of the characters in that story are refugees from Universe-2 (aka The Sims 2).

In the main story, there are multiple dimensions. The main THOTB story began in what I have designated Dimension-B, in season six Dimension-B was destroyed and everyone was “moved” to Dimension-C . Story-8 took place in Dimension-A. Dobbs was born in Angel City in Dimension-C. In season 8, he went to the Source through a portal in Dim-C and then going through another portal, he wound-up in Dimension-D where the bulk of season nine takes place.

Dobbs’ dream took place in another dimension (I don’t know, let’s call it Dimension-X).

In the table below I specify who came from which dimension.

Dobbs James Dobbs He was born in dimension-C’s Angel City, Simfornia. and he was a private detective working in that city.

At one time, he was in a relationship with a married woman named Wendy Dawson. At first, he thought that Wendy was a very attractive and sexy woman, but he later began to realize that she, as human beings go, was a horrible person. He wanted out the relationship and when a job came up in small town down south, Dobbs jumped on it and volunteered for the job.

It does not appear that Dobbs was expecting there to be so much excitement in the sleepy little town of Twin Bayous.

Dobbs back-story is told in episode 6.13.

Wendy Dawson-Dobbs According to Dobbs, the Wendy Dawson of dimension-D is an entirely different person than the woman he knew as Wendy in dimension-C. This Wendy is sweet, kind, and caring. Whereas, the Wendy of dimension-C was a total “B”.

Dobbs fell in love with this Wendy and they are the parents of Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs.

Wendy’s back-story is told in episode 8.26.

Jamie Stoney Jamie Stoney is the same Jamie Stoney who was born in Twin Bayous, dimension-B, in 1905. See “Get Ready for Season 9” for links to milestones in the life and times of Jamie Stoney.
Mihail LeFey Mihail or Mihai, as he is known to intimate family and friends, is a visitor from Dimension-A (Story 8).

Mihail, the son of Michael Dutranoit and Raquel LeFey, first appears in Story 8 – Part One – Episode XXXVIII

When Kathrine was abducted and returned to the Source, Mihail followed her there. At that time, Universe-3 was facing destruction. Both Mihail and Kathrine escaped from Uni-3 and went to Universe-4. Mihail, a witch in Universe-3, lost his powers in Universe-4. Mihail found a portal by which to return Universe-3. He was apparently “split” and wound-up participating in more than one timeline. One of those timelines was in dimension-D where he met Dobbs.

Kathrine Gilliland Kathrine (aka Katherine) is originally from the Source.

Occasionally the Source was used to represent the future and people could go there from the various dimensions to meet their “future descendants”.

Kathrine’s was a future descendent of Ronnie Ringwald and Ernest Gilliland, but her existence was jeopardized by a change in the past when that couple broke up without ever having any offspring.

Kathrine managed to escape from the Source. She left because she was curious to see her ancestors and also to see what the past was like. Yet, she only learned later that she very nearly ceased to exist and would have been anihilated had she remained there. See Story 8 – Part One – Episode XXXIX.

Originally, Kathrine was almost 25 years older than Mihail, but following one her encounters with “aliens” from the Source she developed a condition that caused “time reversal” by which she began ageing backwards in time. The effects of time reversal were stopped after Mihail’s father made a trip to a “future dimension” at The Source and did something to change the flow of time. At that point, Kathrine and Mihail were the same age.

As mentioned above, Kathrine was abducted and returned to the Source. When Kathrine was in Universe-4, she followed Mihail through the same portal. She too was “split” and, due to unknown causes, her journey through the portal took a dozen years to complete although to her it only seemed to take a few minutes.

During those twelve years, Mihail met a mentally disturbed woman who pretended to be Kathrine. Kathrine has since forgiven Mihai, understanding that he missed her so much that he was easily fooled by the woman.

Joe Monday Joe Monday is a rogue cop who was hired by Elvira Richland to get the Grimoire back from Wendy. He knew that Dobbs was protecting Wendy and he also knew what Dobbs capabilities were. Rather than face Dobbs directly, he rigged a television set to cause Dobbs’ death.

When he killed Dobbs, Wendy got revenge by turning Joe into a werewolf. See episode 8.13

Moonshine Falls Townies

In episode 8.15, Mark Clemens gave us the 4-1-1 on the core families of Moonshine Falls. The adult townies of Moonshine Falls (Dimension-D) are for the most part the same personalities as the generation 1 core families of Twin Bayous (Dimension-B) and therefore I have only listed the children in the table below who have played a role in the story. For the adults, see the section below titled “Founders & Heirs”

We actually know very little about the townie kids of MF and what we do know has been filtered through Lori Clemens’ one-sided point of view.

Donna Gentille So far, Donna and the others of Dimension-D do not appear to have the same personalities as their Dimension-B counterparts.

This Donna seems nicer than the Donna Gentille who later became Donna Clemens. We know that this Donna is dating Anthony Goombah and that Lori started a rumor about her that she is pregnant. However, that rumor does not appear to be true.

Dawn Gentille Dawn is Donna’s twin sister and she has no counterpart in the other dimensions.

We know that she has been out on at least one date with Jack Ringwald-Clemens, a boy from Lady Wendy’s school.

According to Lori, Dawn talks to herself and to other “things”. She likes to hang-out in the park late at night.

Colleen Clemens So far, this Colleen Clemens has shown no sign of becoming a fairy dust addict as did her Dimension-B counterpart.

Lori refers to Colleen as “trashie townie”. Other than the fact that the Clemens are not wealthy people, there does not appear to be any cause for calling the girl “trashie”.

She was once seen receiving a bouquet of flowers from Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs.

Xena Ringwald Xena is the daughter of Celia and John Ringwald, the town’s wealthiest family.

Lori refers to Xena as “richie-rich townie”. Xena has been seen on more than one occasion talking to Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs.

Chadrick Gentille Lori and her friends used to think of Chadrick Gentille as being “dreamy” and each of them had the “hots” for this young man. But recently he has gone from being a “chick magnet” to being the world’s most hated man.

There are two reasons for this change in view: 1) He has been dating Joni Ringwald-Clemens, a girl whom Lori does not like 2) He has revealed himself to be an extremist, bigot when he attacked Moo in the library.

Teddy Stoney Teddy is the son of Knut Stoney and Peggy Sue Lynn Stoney. He recently asked Melody out on a date, but his purpose in doing so was so that he could ask Mel if she thought that her sister Harmony would go out with him.

Founders & Heirs

The first generation listed below is the brave and hardy group of men and women who returned to the dimension-B Twin Bayous following the Simville War of the 1860s. They are, however, very similar in all respects to the dimension-D generation born and raised in the 1940s  in the town of Moonshine Falls. There are two exceptions: in dimension-D, there did not exist a Morgan Dutranoit, nor was there an Anton LeFey.

Picture Name Gen Description
Mark Clemens 1 Professional writer, Private detective, husband of Julia Kidd, father of Jack Clemens, Grandfather of Sawyer Clemens.
In Dimension-D, he is a Vietnam vet who has PTSD.
Julia Kidd 1 Chef, wife of Mark Clemens, mother of Jack Clemens, Grandmother of Sawyer Clemens.
In Dimension-D, her maiden name is Kim and she is originally from South Korea.
Penny Casey 1 Doctor, wife of Arnold Poindexter, Mother of Ariel Poindexter, Grandmother of Julie Poindexter
Knut Stoney 1 Pro Athlete, Husband of Peggy Sue Lynn, Father of Dominick Stoney, Grandfather of Jamie and Rochelle Stoney
Arnold Poindexter 1 Scientist, Husband of Penny Casey, Father of Ariel Poindexter, Grandfather of Julie Poindexter
Victoria Lincoln 1 Mayor of Twin Bayous, Wife of Jose Viernes, Mother of Tracie Viernes, Grandmother of Julie Poindexter
Peggy Sue Lynn 1 Country & Western Recording Artist, Wife of Knut Stoney, Mother of Dominick Stoney, Grandmother of Jamie Stoney
Joe Viernes 1 Sheriff of Bayeaux Parish, Husband of Victoria Lincoln, Father of Tracie Viernes, Grandfather of Julie Poindexter
Anton LeFey 1 Theatre owner, Vampire, Husband of Morgan Dutranoit, Father of Raquel LeFey, Grandfather of Romero Goombah.
John Ringwald 1 Director & Studio owner, Husband of Celia Dubois, Father of Veronica Ringwald, Grandfather of Jamie Stoney
Victor Goombah 1 Bookmaker, Husband of Maria Vito, Father of Anthony Goombah, Grandfather of Romero Goombah
Gregg Gentille 1 Bookstore owner, Husband of Vicki Oldham, Father of Donna Gentille, Grandfather of Sawyer Clemens
Morgan Dutranoit 1 Fortune teller, Witch, Wife of Anton LeFey, Mother of Raquel LeFey, Grandmother of Romero Goombah, Involved in affair with Mark Clemens
Celia Dubois 1 Business woman, Wife of John Ringwald, Mother Veronica Ringwald, Grandmother of Jamie Stoney
Maria Vito 1 Culinary worker, Wife of Victor Goombah, Mother of Anthony Goombah , Grandmother of Romero Goombah
Vicki Oldham 1 Spa consultant, Wife of Greg Gentille, Mother of Donna Gentille , Grandmother of Sawyer Clemens
Generation Two
Raquel LeFey 2 Musician, Daughter of Anton & Morgan LeFey, Wife of Anthony Goombah, Mother of Romero Goombah.
Donna Gentille 2 Paramedic, Daughter of Greg & Vicki Gentille, Wife of Jack Clemens, Mother of Sawyer Clemens
Veronica “Ronnie” Ringwald 2 Business Woman turned Musician, Daughter of John & Celia Ringwald, Wife of Dominick Stoney, Mother of Jamie Stoney
Tracie Viernes 2 Political consultant, Daughter of Jose & Victoria Viernes, Wife of Arnold Poindexter, Mother of Julie Poindexter
Ariel Poindexter 2 Scientist, Son of Arnold & Penny Poindexter , Husband of Tracie Viernes, Father of Julie Poindexter
Dominick Stoney 2 Son of Knut & Peggy Sue Stoney, Husband of Ronnie Ringwald, Father of Jamie Stoney
Anthony Goombah 2 Loan shark, Son of Victor & Maria Goombah, Husband of Raquel LeFey, Father of Romero Goombah
Jack Clemens 2 Son of Mark & Julia Clemens, Husband of Donna Gentille, Father of Sawyer Clemens
Generation Three
Sawyer Clemens 3 Son of Jack & Donna Gentille
S3_0580A2CE_00000000_34BDDB75B77B65AF%%+SNAP Rochelle Stoney 3 Daughter of Dominick & Ronnie Stoney
Romero Goombah 3 Son of Anthony & Raquel Goombah
Julie Poindexter 3 Daughter of Ariel & Tracie Poindexter
Generation Four
S3_0580A2CE_00000000_B276CEE34FDF9B1C%%+SNAP Huckleberry Clemens 4 Son of Sawyer & Rochelle Clemens
S3_0580A2CE_00000000_34339D167D30379D%%+SNAP Sheena Goombah 4 Daughter of Romero & Julie Goobah

Generation Five Heirs

Note: All generation five heirs are related in some way or another; otherwise they would not be in “Gen-5”. In the table, I point out how some of them are related, but for the most part it is not significant in any way. I do point out where some of the males are first cousins with one of the females.

One of the Gen-Fivers is in both generation 6 and generation 5, depending on which side of the tree you follow. That person is Kelly Poindexter-Ringwald.

While two of the Gen-Fivers are descendant of one or more of the first generation, they are also descendants of a former NPC. Jodi and Nicolas are children of Brendon, son of Donovan Stoney and the Ringwald’s maid, Davina Brennan (see season 3 episode 2).

Courtney Paquette-Clemens is also a descendant of a former NPC on one side of her family.

Headshot Name


Albert Clemens


Son of Scotty Clemens and a grandson of Jack Clemens and Donna Gentille. His parents are 1st cousins once removed
Cory Clemens


Son of Susanne Clemens, the daughter of Tam Clemens and Tammi Ringwald. He is also 1st cousins on one side with Jodi Viernes-Stoney
Kenyon Viernes


A grandson of Cheech Goombah and Yada-yada Goombah was his great grandfather. His mother Connie Viernes was the daughter of Xavier Viernes. He is also a 1st cousins on one side with Jodi Viernes-Stoney
Thomas Clemens


Son of Huckleberry Clemens and Sheena Goombah. Rebecca (Becky) Clemens is his sister
Elmer Gentile


Son of Yvette Ringwald, grandson of Rocio Ringwald, and a great-grandson of Aric Viernes. He is a 1st cousin of Jaycee and Allen Ringwald
Nicolas Viernes-Stoney


Brother of Jodi Viernes-Stoney. His mother, Jena Stoney was the daughter of Olivia Lefey, granddaughter of Samuel Lefey. His father was, Brendon, son of Donovan and Davina Stoney.
Dereck Clemens


Brother of Cory Clemens and 1st cousins with Jodi Viernes-Stoney
Allen Ringwald


Kelly Poindexter-Ringwald is his niece and Jaycee Ringwald is his sister. His great-grandmother was Janny (Clemens) Ringwald.
Courtney Paquette-Clemens


Her grandfather was Donald Clemens, elder brother of Sawyer Clemens, and son of Jack and Donna Clemens.
Jodi Viernes-Stoney


Her mother, Jena Stoney was the daughter of Olivia Lefey, granddaughter of Samuel Lefey. Her father was, Brendon, son of Donovan Stoney.
Danielle Ringwald-Clemens


She is the sister of Desiree Ringwald-Clemens. One of her great-great grandmothers is Peggy Sue (Lynne) Stoney.
Kelly Poindexter-Ringwald


Her grandmother is Colonel Andrea Ringwald. Her father is the older half-brother of Jaycee and Allen Ringwald. Therefore she is their niece. Plus she is also a 2nd cousin of theirs on her mother’s side.
Jaycee Ringwald


Sister of Allen Ringwald and daughter of Colonel Andrea Ringwald.
Karen Ringwald-Viernes


Daughter of Mary Ann Ringwald. One of her great-grandmothers was Tabitha (LeFey) Gentille.
Desiree Ringwald-Clemens


Sister of Danielle Ringwald Clemens
Rebecca Clemens


Daughter of Huckleberry Clemens and Sheena Goombah. Tom Clemens is her brother. Raquel LeFey is her great-grandmother.


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