TS4 CAS Demo

Tuesday July 8, 2014, this afternoon I received an invite from EA to download the Sims 4 Create-A-Sim (CAS) demo. Immediately went into Origin and sure enough there it was ready to be downloaded. It is a 1.5 GB download.

The TS4 CAS Demo FAQ – link

The key thing that I am interested is in seeing what it takes to recreate some of my favorite TS3 Sims in TS4.

So, I tried to make a go of it in recreating some of my favorite TS3 Sim characters in the the Sims 4 CAS Demo and here are the results….

First of all I really suck at using TS3 CAS to create Sims, so why should I be any different at TS4 CAS – excepting the fact that TS4 CAS is different than TS3 CAS.

So I spent about two hours playing around in the TS4 CAS demo trying to recreate some of my TS3 Sims. The only one that I am really unhappy about is the first one I worked on. As, I knew that she would be the most difficult to recreate. As the casting director of my stories I am satisfied with most of these, but a couple these Sims need more work…

Character TS3 TS4 Comments
Katherine Gilliland


This was my first attempt and I knew that that she would be the most difficult TS3 Sim to recreate as a TS4 Sim. This is definitely not what I was going for.


Close but then again this is not what I going for.
Mark Clemens

This is the author character. I was never quit satisfied with the original TS3 character, so this guy will do.

I had always thought that this chef character looked sort of Asian so I wanted to make my TS4 chef more Asian, but I don’t think that I’ve got this one right just yet.


This doctor character was a stock TS3 Sim and I was never convinced that I had the right look for this character. I think that I will stick with this TS4 look.


I realized that I had zero diversity in my characters and I decided that this athlete character should be a black man in TS4 instead of the character that I had in TS3. So this guy is the new Knut.
Arnold Poindexter

The science guy… this character was another TS3 stock Sim and I am satisfied with the way he looks in TS4.
Victoria Linclon

This is the politician character that I created in TS3. I think that I have captured her TS4 self.
Peggy Sue Lynne

This is the country singer/musician character I created in TS3. I think her TS4 self is a closer to the look that I was going for originally


Joe Monday becomes Jose Viernes, a Hispanic cop. I am good with that.


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