Twin Bayous v.4 – a Custom World for Sims 3


clip_image019_thumb1Way down upon the Simwahanee and Apasimmacola bayous in the state of Louisimana sits the sleepy southern town of Twin Bayous looking out over the Gulf of Simexico.

Founded in 1832 by Henri Dutranoit of New Orleans, Twin Bayous served as an important hub for cotton exports out of the south in the ante-bellum days and was occupied early on by Union forces during the Civil War. After the war, thousands of refugees from the war-torn South traveled through the port of Twin Bayous aboard steamboats bound for Galveston, Texas. However, the town suffered economic hardship for a number decades when the railroad by-passed the town. During the Prohibition and Great Depression, the town did see a brief revival as it became a resort town known for its speakeasies and casinos. At one point it was known as the Hollywood of the south when Plumbob Pictures opened a studio there. In the 1940’s a hurricane wiped out all of the homes and farms in the Eastern Annex. So, today there are only empty lots in that part of town.

Twin Bayous was built from the Twinbrook map, which shipped with The Sims 3: Ambitions, but this custom world does not look at all like Twinbrook.

Twin Bayous v.4 is a modification of Twin Bayous I . It will NOT replace Twin Bayous I, if that world is already installed.

“The moonlight on the bayou, a creole tune that fills the air,
I dream about magnolias in bloom, and I’m wishin’ that I was there.”

The town is unpopulated – you will need to BYOS (Bring Your Own Sims).

Total Lots: 127
Residential: 66+ (10+ of which are empty lots)
Commercial: 70
Size: 2048X2048
File size: ~85 MB

EPs Required

World Adventures EP01, Ambitions EP02, Late Night EP03, Generations EP04, Pets EP05, Showtime EP06, Supernatural EP07, Seasons EP08, University Life EP09, Island Paradise EP10, Into the Future EP11

No CC required except Riverview Free World. Riverview is required for the world. If it’s not installed, none of the farm items will show up.

Venues and Rabbit holes

Bistro, Bookstore, City Hall, Consignment Store, Criminal HQ, Diner, Dive Bar, Dive Bar Criminal, Equestrian Center, Fire Department, Horse Training Grounds, Hospital, Junkyard, Library, Mausoleum, Military Base, Movie Studio, Office Block, Police Station, Salon, School, Science Facility, Spa, Stadium, Subways, Supermarket, Theatre, Varg’s Tavern, Elixir Consignment Store, Gym, Laundromat, Karaoke bar, Flying V’s Coffeehouse, Nibbles Café, Church, Pool, Sim Burger, Market Basket, Beach, Museum, Arcade, Motel, Ports (4), Dive Lot, Local Watering Hole, Resort

Twin Bayous also has all of the University rabbit holes. You will need the NRaas Careers Mod for the University in Twin Bayous (see details here).

Changes and Additions in Twin Bayous v.4

  • Painted steep areas to make non-routable
  • Re-did the Police station, Science Lab, and the Cathedral
  • Fixed house addresses
  • Added Old Plantation Home
  • Added Old Creole Townhouse
  • Add a cay off the coast called Liberty Cay State Park
  • Add one more dive lot
  • Empty lots in Plantation district now have addresses
  • Relocated the Cathedral to end of Main street.
  • Moved the gym next to movie theatre
  • Placed a disco club where gym used to be
  • Moved the Library where cathedral used to be.

Download Twins Bayous v.4

Download Moonshine Falls

Read a story that takes place in Twin Bayous


Welcome to the town of Twin Bayous, Louisimana.

Trailer homes and the Junk Yard along Tobacco Road

High-rises along Studio Parkway

Moderately priced homes on the east-end of town

Businesses along East Avenue

The Mansion district

City Cemetery

The High School

The Sheriff’s Station and Hospital

City Hall and Central Park

Main Street

Old Plantation Home

The old cotton wharves on the harbor

Old Victorian homes near the lighthouse

Apartments and homes along Oak Road

Vacation homes along Palm Boulevard

A view of the city looking from the Gulf

The Gulf Bridge and the twin bayous on the other side of the harbor

Farmland south of town

Sunrise on Signal Hill

University Avenue

Old Creole Townhouse

St Louis Cathedral at the end of Main Street.

Liberty Cay State Park

Llamaback Hill and Signal Hill


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